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As with any other opinion-related medium, the contents of this blog are highly subjective and should not be taken as fact.



  1. I hope you will consider re-enabling the RSS feed for this site. I have been an avid reader of your posts for some time, but had thought that you had stopped adding new posts when the feed went quiet. I was surprised to find so many new posts when I visited the site directly.

    Is there a specific reason for disabling the feeds, or is it just an oversight?

  2. Richard,

    I had no idea the RSS feed was off! I’m not sure if it’s on again, but it should be: you can access the feed to this site through: https://aikithoughts.wordpress.com/feed

    I did move away from my own domain awhile ago, for simplicity’s sake. Perhaps that was the cause? Anyway, I hope you’ll continue reading.

  3. Excellent, the feed is working now. It’s nice to see your posts showing up in my news reader again. I find your thoughts very interesting, and in some small ways I have been able to encompass some of your ideas and suggestions into my own training.

  4. Hi, Dave.

    I would really like for you to consider submitting some of your recent articles – especially the ones about jury duty and bullying – for inclusion in the upcoming Blog carnival. I think they’ll go well with the theme of peaceful conflict resolution, etc…

    Check it out and think about it.



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