We Interrupt this Aikido Blog…

This has very little to do with aikido, but it’s news I’d like to share regardless:

We have just found out that my wife and are having a baby boy! The little guy is due at the end of December. According to the ultrasound technician, he’s doing great and is actually ahead of schedule in terms of growth, etc. I have no idea what most of the stuff means. They tell me he’s healthy, and that’s all I care about.

For those interested: yes, we even have a name picked out. Max Karl Shevitz, after my great-grandfather (Max) and my father-in-law (Karl). My daughter’s tremendously excited, as are we all. But note to self: remember to get lots of sleep now–come January, it’s going to be in short supply…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

12 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Aikido Blog…

  1. I am so happy for your family. And I love the name, too! My b-day is the day after Christmas and I am going to give you and your wife advice that Max will thank me for when he’s old enough…ready?

    Never, EVER, wrap his birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper! And never, EVER say, “This is your Christmas AND your birthday gift”

    And ALWAYS separate his birthday celebration from the holidays.

    Trust me – he will NOT get this from EVERYBODY else. And it will mean more to him than you’ll ever know to feel his birthday like people born in May or June, etc. do.

    Again, CONGRATS!!!Keep us posted!

  2. Congrats. And a huge also from me as my wife Debra’s birthday is the day after Christmas. The martial arts mom is correct as I made that mistake of wrapping her birthday gift in Christmas wrapping paper.

  3. Congratulations, that’s great news. My wife and I are expecting the arrival of our first baby in the next two weeks or so (we won’t know what flavour it is until it arrives), and then I have just 4 short weeks until my Aikido black belt grading. Hopefully the lack of sleep will induce a sense of Zen-like calm.

    Congratulations again.

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