Fall Camp, 2007!

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t the last post or two about Winter Camp 2007? How did we get to Fall so quickly?

Fear not; there is an explanation.

One of the open-ended questions that’s come up in the Seattle area is where Fall Camp with Sensei Shuji Maruyama will occur. Unlike Winter and Summer Camps, which typically reside in New Jersey and Philadelphia (or, as many of us in Seattle would say: “Somewhere over on the East Coast”), Fall Camp rotates between three locations: Seattle, Phoenix, and San Francisco. While it was “technically” Seattle’s turn to host this year, it was by no means set in stone.

At Winter Camp, however, Sensei made it very clear: Seattle is hosting Fall Camp 2007.

I wish that many of the people who train and teach Kokikai Aikido on the East Coast could have seen the reaction to this news when I returned to Seattle. It was, quite simply, electric. Everyone was and is tremendously excited and honored to host such an event. More importantly, everyone realized that we have such tremendous support from the Kokikai as an organization and community.

Planning for Fall Camp is by no means a small task, however. I’m very grateful that there are many people who have offered to help. In fact, I would say that, the real value of this news is how it illustrates the support we have from other Kokikai teachers and practitioners for those of us training in the Northwest. Knowing that we have the privilege of hosting Fall Camp has certainly helped many of us on the path to finding our own “best feeling!”

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