I’m a relatively lazy person. I think that’s why I practice Aikido: the whole “minimum effort, maximum effect” axiom really sits well with me. There is, in all likelihood, some part of my brain that is realizing just how much time, energy, sweat, and willpower I have expended in the name of “minimum effort, maximum effect.” But we’ll save that topic for later.

At any rate, I bring this up because I had always found typing “www.kokikaisilverfirs.com/aikithoughts” to be a long, tedious process. “Why not just type ‘www.aikithoughts.com’ and be done with it?” I wondered. Well, now I can, and those of you who enjoy reading this can as well.

I also admit that, in the limited capacity I have for marketing and whatnot, I recognize a good name when I see one. Aikithoughts is a nice, simple term, so I thought I’d register it now so I don’t have to rename anything later.

While I’m writing “outside the box” (in this case, writing about stuff other than Aikido, which I try to keep to a minimum here). I have the option of updating the software that runs this blog to automatically send an e-mail when I write a new entry. Most of you, I’m sure, might not care either way. But if this is something that interests you, post a comment here and let me know.

I’ve a new entry drafted up… it should be ready later this week.

Edit: As an avid Google user, I’ve grown accustomed to their customized home page. If you use this tool as well, there is an Add to Google button, located at the bottom of the sidebar on the right, that makes it very easy to add this blog to your homepage. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A New URL

  1. I would be very happy if you added the feature to send an e-mail when posting a new entry. There are so many sites I look at on line, that it is always nice to know when they have been updated.

  2. Consider it done! On the sidebar, you should see a link to the subscriber page, in which you can add your e-mail address. It’s a new feature, so who knows what bugs lurk beneath the surface, but I hope it proves useful!

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